Sandy Point and Hams Bluff  Guided Tour

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Our tours offers the ideal jet ski opportunity for customers to see the west end of St. Croix in all its beauty.

On our tour riders have the opportunity to cruise through the waves  until your heart™s content.  We leave from our location at Rainbow Beach and head south along the bay to Sandy Point wild life refuge, about 3.5 miles.   You can observe turtles in the water along the way and view St. Croix most beautiful beach, Sandy Point!  After spending some time taking in the beauty and playing in the waters off Sandy Point we leave and make the 7 mile trip to the northwest point of the island where you can watch the topography of the island change from beaches to rocky shores, cliffs and beautiful mountains as we reach the northwest point of the island, Hams Bluff.  Here you can observe the famous light house built in 1915 by the Danish government and the beautiful north shore all while cruising the beautiful and sometimes rough water by the north shore.  Only one rider per ski on the tour, no passengers, must have prior jet ski experience (driven jet skis several times). There is a minimum of two jet skis or a maximum of 4 jet skis on the tour with one rider each.  You will follow a guide and have a tail guide.  The whole trip takes just over an hour (75min full tour) and needs to be booked 24 hours ahead of time.  If you are choosing the half tour you will pick the north side or south side for your ride.  Gloves and a bottle of water are provided. Prior jet ski experience is needed, must be at least 16 with ID and parent or guardian.  This is our most enjoyable experience.  Call us for more details.

Explore the crystal clear Caribbean waters off the west coast of St. Croix with two guide for $140 for 45 minutes and $200 for 75 minutes.

Sandy Point to Hams Bluff Tour

45 Min = $140

75 Min = $200

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Jet Ski Rental Rules and Requirements:

Each jet ski driver must have proof of age, and each renter must be 18 years or older. Drivers age 16 and 17 are permitted to drive with proof of age and parent or guardian supervision.  13, 14 & 15 yr olds may drive with all the mentioned requirements without a passenger, for 16 & 17 yr olds, a valid completed boaters safety course certificate.

We accept cash or credit for jet ski rentals however you must have a  valid major credit card and matching I.D. for each Jet Ski you rent to use as a security deposit.

Any violation of the rules may incur a fine and or termination of rental.  You are responsible for any damages you may cause.

For more information or to reserve your rental now, call us at 340-277-8295.